Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you serve?

Two to Five Years Old. 

Do you serve food?

We currently offer breakfast and an afternoon snack, as well milk or juice at those meal times and water through out the day as needed. We are endeavoring to be able to offer nutritious lunches, but until further notice, lunch must be provided by parents. 

What is the rate for one week of childcare?

Our rate for one week of full-time child care is $195.00. 
We do not currently offer part-time child care. We are a subsidized facility, therefore interested parents can apply for and receive subsidy from the state of NC to help offset some of the cost of tuition. Please contact us if you would like assistance in finding out if you are eligible to receive a subsidy. 

What curriculum do you use?

Though it is not required for basic licensing to offer curriculum to the age group we serve, we want to start all our kids out on the right path. Therefore, we have chosen the Mother Goose Time Curriculum.
Using the Mother Goose Time approach, children are encouraged to utilize their natural curiosity to discover and learn new and exciting physical, cognitive, emotional, and social concepts. Caregivers are guides who offer support and research for the child's quest to learn. Family also plays an integral role because the child is intimately connected to the family, the family's culture, and beliefs. Finally, the environment is made to be an experimental playground where children can manipulate materials and construct knowledge.  

Are you licensed?

Yes we currently hold a 3-star temporary license in NC. You will find this license posted on the wall at the entrance to the facility. Within 6 months of operation we will be re-evaluated for the possibility of a higher star rating!

How do I enroll my child?

If you are interested in enrolling your child, you will need to fill out an enrollment application and turn them in to the directors office at LSCC as well as your one time registration fee of just $40.00.
If there is space available, you will be given a full enrollment package to fill out. If no space is available, you will be placed on the waiting list. 
After a full enrollment package is completed, we will then schedule at least two visits with your enrolled child to the facility as part of our Tadpole program.
You can find a downloadable enrollment application on the Parent page.

How do you group children?

Our first classroom, named the Lily Pad, is home to our 2s and 3s. While our second classroom, named the Frog Pond, is home to our 4s and 5s. We separated these age groups in order to best meet the social, cognitive, physical, and emotional needs of the children due to varying levels of development. 

Does my child need to be potty trained?

If your child is not fully potty trained, don't fret! We are able to work with you and your child to get them using the potty independently. All children will be encouraged to use the bathroom at specific times throughout the day, however they are free to use the toilet any time that they need to.
All children are capable of using a toilet by age 2, however most children may struggle with a battle of wills. For example, they may want to continue to play rather than to stop what they are doing and go. 
The key to success will be a joint effort at daycare and at home. When you enroll your child, we will discuss your child's individual needs on this subject and agree on a plan if needed. 

What are the qualifications of the caregivers?

Lead Caregiver
Must be at least 18 years of age or older
Must have at least 1 year of experience in a childcare setting
Must have a North Carolina Early Childhood Credential or 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or its equivalent, and have one of the following: (1) One year of child care experience working in a child care center or two years of verifiable experience as a licensed family child care home operator; or (2) Completion of a two year high school program of Early Childhood Education in Family and Consumer Sciences Education; or (3) Twenty hours of training in child development, which shall include the North Carolina Early Childhood Credential coursework.
Must obtain certification in CPR and First Aid through a course approved by the state of NC.
Must pass a NC background check before the first day of service.
Must pass a drug test before the first day of service

Assistant Caregiver
Must be at least 18 years of age
Have a high school diploma or its equivalent
Must have completed EDU 119
Have at least 1 year of experience working in a childcare setting OR Have at least 2 years of education in high school with the focus on early childhood education OR Have at least 1 year of education through an accredited college program with the focus on early childhood education
Must obtain certification in CPR and First Aid through a course approved by the state of NC.
Must pass a NC background check before the first day of service
Must pass a drug test before the first day of service 

What is your caregiver to child ratio?

We hold a 2/10 ratio of caregiver to child in both classrooms. 

What is your discipline policy?

Our policy concerning behavior management is based on the individual need of the child, the ability of each child to understand what he/she is doing and the consequences of their actions. Positive reinforcement is always encouraged and children are told what they are doing well. In the event of a behavioral issue, the teacher will ascertain what has taken place and use positive techniques to approach the child. The techniques we use are as follows:
-Approach the child with love and patience
-Get on the child’s level
-Speak with the child and listen to the child’s point of view
-Encourage the child to reach a solution to the original problem that caused the adverse behavior
-Praise the child for positive behaviors
-Redirect the child

We offer an extensive behavioral discipline policy, which is included in our Parent Handbook.

Do you teach about God?

Yes! LSCC will be sensitive to all religions, cultures, and beliefs. Please note however, that by enrolling your child in LSCC you are aware and are in agreement that your child will be taught Biblical principles. We will sing christian songs, read simple scripture verses, pray to God, and speak about Jesus. We aim to prepare children for the real world by teaching them prosocial behavior, critical thinking, language/literacy skill, problem solving skills, independence, self-help skill, fine/gross motor skill, and listening skill. Children are sensitive to what they see, hear and experience. LSCC staff members will never speak about other cultures, beliefs, or religions in an insensitive or derogatory fashion because we believe that God is love and we cannot teach love if we represent hate.