Who Are We?

Little Scouts Christian Childcare has been created to meet a need in our community, which is for more high quality childcare facilities. We believe that every interaction a child has from day to day, deeply impacts every area of their development. That is why we seek to fill their days with meaningful activities and interactions that cater to their need to explore, discover, learn, and play!
At LSCC, staff members use a scaffolding technique to assess what each child knows and then add achievable challenges that build knowledge and confidence through enjoyable and stimulating activities. We also believe that to best care for children, we must also care for families. This is why we invite families to be apart through volunteer opportunities, sharing opportunities, and planned events. We value each family as the experts on their children and are seeking to be a part of a team effort to offer the best care to each child. Every classroom is organized into fundamental areas of exploration: art, music, reading and writing, dramatic play, science, math, and sensory play. While we do offer group times such as morning affirmations, snack/lunch times, group games, guided crafts, music and movement moments, and circle reading time, children will also be given plenty of time to choose their own activities, which promotes independence and education.
In fact, play is proven to be one of the best ways for children to learn vital skills such as language skills, mathematics and science, socio-emotional skills, problem solving, and more. The environment, equipment, and materials in our classrooms have been carefully planned and coordinated to be comfortable, developmentally appropriate, and accessible. 
At LSCC, we will strive every day to offer something truly exceptional to each child that assists them in recognizing who they are as special and loveable individuals. We encourage them to realize that they have the power to positively affect the world around them and that how they treat themselves and others matters more than good grades.

"Who you are inside is what helps you make and do everything in life." -Fred Rogers 

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